The Hughski ColorHug

In November 2011, I decided the world needed open source colorimeter hardware, and created the ColorHug.

Introduction to PackageKit

At FOSDEM 2008 I presented an introduction to PackageKit. The slides can be found here for any that missed it.

My blog

I've been entering technical stuff into my blog, which isn't a day to day journal, but merely techical details I happen to be working on at the moment. Warning: This is very geeky.

Virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

I've just noticed I have no link to my 3rd year project. The title is 'Design and Development of a Solid State Virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera' which may be interesting to some people.

Intro to GNOME Power Manager

I've done a quick overview presentation of power management with HAL, pm-utils, and (of course) gnome-power-manager which might be of interest to some people.


Thanks to the nice people at GNOME sponsoring me, I'm going to be at GUADEC this year, in Vilanova i la GeltrĂș, Spain. Yay!

GNOME Power Manager

I got bored and wrote this : GNOME Power Manager is a session daemon for the GNOME desktop environment that makes it easy to manage your laptop or desktop system.